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Placentia & Outreach Area Family Resource Centre

Contact: Serena Pomeroy

Address:P.O. Box 156
Placentia, NL

Stepping Stones

Family Resource Centres (FRCs) are community-based organizations that deliver programs to promote positive parent-child interactions intended to support healthy child development. They offer a variety of programs and services to families with children ages 0-6. They provide a play-based, developmentally appropriate environment for children and a safe and supportive setting for parents. Programs are flexible to meet community needs and may include:

  • Drop-in programs focusing on parent-child interaction
  • Group training and parent support groups (e.g. Nobody’s Perfect)
  • Resource materials on parenting, child development, wellness and community services
  • Lending Libraries such as toys and books
  • Exchange Services such as clothing
  • Community family events, gatherings and celebrations
  • Services in partnership with other stakeholders, such as pregnancy and post-natal supports