To enhance the socio-economic well-being of Placentia and surrounding communities, as the leading voice of commerce and industrial development.


The Placentia Chamber of Commerce was established in 1986 to be an advocate for business, to promote and improve trade and commerce, and to enhance the economic, civic, and social welfare of its service area.  The Chamber, through its democratically elected volunteer board, has acted as the voice of the business community on issues of concern, and has undertaken a variety of events, projects, and activities, all aimed at improving the entrepreneurial experience for its members and other stakeholders.

We are primarily a business advocacy organization and our members come mainly from the business community of the Placentia Bay region, including Long Harbour and taking in the hub community of Placentia.  In recent years, members have joined the Chamber from other areas of the province, including St. John’s, Mount Pearl and other communities, chiefly to keep informed of what is happening in the provincial industrial sector, and to take advantage of perks associated with being a Chamber member.

The Placentia Chamber of Commerce has shown tremendous foresight and leadership in raising the level of awareness and participation of the provincial business community, particularly of those industries that are presently in operation in the region.  These operations include a wide range of large industrial-type projects, small business, fishery and aquaculture operations, tourism ventures, technology projects, marine travel and shipping companies. It also includes plans by our Age Friendly initiative to develop the businesses in our communities by helping them achieve an “Age Friendly” status within Age Friendly communities.

In its history, the Chamber, along with its partners, has played host to a number of successful provincial scale conference and exhibition events. PBIS and the Age Friendly NL Expo have become staple events in our region and have proven to be great economic boosters. These events attract hundreds of business entities to the region from all over the province, the country, and the world.  They come here to explore current and future business opportunities.

We have a lot to offer here in Placentia Bay and now is the time to seize the opportunity, in partnership with the Placentia Chamber of Commerce.