Business Excellence Awards

The Placentia Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards were created to recognize member businesses and organizations, whose achievements or community involvement, have made significant contributions to the economic and social well-being of the region served by the Placentia Chamber of Commerce.

2023 Business Excellence Awards

Recognizing exceptional achievements, the Placentia Chamber of Commerce hosted its highly anticipated Business Excellence Awards ceremony on June 28, 2023.

All of the Placentia Chamber of Commerce’s award winners


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Business Excellence Award 1-10 employees / 10 + employees
Presented to a Business or Organization which:

  • • delivers a high quality product or service
  • • contributes to the economic development of the area
  • • is recognized as a good employer
  • • has become a positive Island ambassador through its activities on or off Island
  • • is a recognized leader in its field


New Business of the Year
Presented to a business in operation less than five years which:

  • • demonstrates a clear understanding of the needs of its client base and provides them in a meaningful way
  • • has adopted solid business principles to develop a firm business foundation
  • • has developed a loyal customer base


The Rising Star Award
Presented to a business entrepreneur in operation 10 years or less, whom:

  • • owns and operates a financially successful and growing business
  • • demonstrates a firm understanding of solid business principles
  • • contributes to the area’s economic development
  • • is a future community business leader


Innovator of the Year
Presented to a business or organization in the past year has courageously stepped outside the box to:

  • • solve a business problem
  • • identify and fulfill a new customer need or niche
  • • develop innovative marketing or technology solutions to drive its business forward
  • • change its business model or turn its business around


Placentia Bay Impact Award
Presented to a business or organization this creates a positive social, cultural or economic impact on the community by:

  • • contributing personal or employee volunteer time to the community
  • • providing financial support to other organizations through sponsorship or donations
  • • encouraging economic development and well-being in the community through the provision of services that help others


Employee of the Year
Presented to an individual, nominated by his/her employer who may or may not be in a customer-facing position but:

  • • demonstrates company values on a daily basis
  • • through word or deed, supports the company’s mission and other members of the team
  • • continually strives to deliver quality work which will enhance the company’s success
  • • is a positive company ambassador on and off the job


Chamber’s Choice Award
Presented to a business or employee who:

  • • delivers outstanding customer service
  • • provides a service that addresses the community needs and wants
  • • is an outstanding corporate or community citizen
  • • contributes to the economic success of business community
  • • supports initiatives of Placentia Area Chamber of Commerce


Overall Nomination Criteria

  • • Anyone can nominate a business or individual for an award
  • • The nominee must be a member in good standing with the Placentia Chamber of Commerce
  • • Businesses/individuals may be nominated in more than one category
  • • Previous winners in the Rising Star or New Business of the Year Award cannot be nominated again
  • • Nominations will stand for 3 years going forward
  • • Nominations accepted annually until August 31st.
  • • Awards are presented during a Gala Dinner held during the Placentia Bay Industrial Showcase.