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Contact: Chris Sheppard

Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland (also known as Eastern DMO) is one of five Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) in Newfoundland and Labrador. DMOs work with the operators to build a tourism environment that we can sell to the world through trade and consumer shows, to journalists, and to non-resident and resident markets alike. We’re dedicated to developing a stronger industry and economy through the region.

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The Town of Long Harbour

Contact: Jaunita Gosse

Address:P.O. Box 40
Long Harbour , NL

The Town of Long Harbour Mount Arlington Heights is located in southeast Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Long Harbour is an active industrial hub, servicing the Western Avalon Peninsula. The town is approximately 11 kms. from the Trans Canada Highway with a newly upgraded access road and only one hour’s drive from the City of St. John’s.The people who live in the Town of Long Harbour Mount Arlington Heights are friendly with a unique heritage and a rich culture.  Their abundance of talents and skills has been increased by the many families that were resettled here from nearby islands in Placentia Bay in the 1960’s.

The Town of Long Harbour Mount Arlington Heights has distinguished itself as a resilient, proud and determined community. Residents of this place have always stood-up and stood-out. This is a community that achieves its goals, often against tremendous odds. Our community has a history of being builders, and doers, gifted with skills and determination. Ours is a proud community with a very bright future.

Being the home of the new Vale nickel processing plant is an accomplishment that our town is proud of. This achievement represents years of perseverance and vision that has breathed new life into our community and the region’s economy.

When in operation, this highly technical, leading edge, nickel processing plant will be a global leader directly employing approximately 500 people within the plant’s operations, and hundreds of jobs in plant support positions. Procurement expenditures to support plant operations are estimated at $125 – $150 million annually throughout the life of the project, unadjusted for inflation.